PositionYoga Teacher
Nicole was first introduced to yoga in the late 70’s watching her mom practice at home. Her mom is still her inspiration at 70 years old, practicing 3 days a week! She taught herself yoga in 1996 from a book her mom had given her, but her practice didn’t get serious until she discovered Vinyasa yoga in 2006. Growing up a gymnast, the athletic flow was appealing to her. The synchronized movement with breath helped quiet her mind and it was then that she discovered the transformative powers of yoga, finding a deeper connection with herself and the living world around her. Nicole has always struggled to stay present and focused. Yoga has taught her to slow down, breath deep and take life one step at a time. Her goal is to make people smile, have them not take themselves so seriously and hopefully teach them to be kinder to themselves. She hopes to create a safe place where everyone can discover their own relationship with yoga and in the process, find peace and happiness on and off their mat. Nicole is an E-RYT 200 and is also RYT-500.
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